Characteristics and Classifications of Zigzag Twill

Zigzag twill is one of the most important derivatives of twill weave which can produce various types of ornamented design.

Characteristics of zigzag twill:
1.Zigzag twill is produced by the reversing of the direction of the twill.
2.A point is created in reversing point so it is sometimes referred to as Pointed Twill.
3.Zigzag twill is used for shirt, pant, figured or ornamented design. It is also used as raw materials of wall covering.

Classification of zigzag twill: Zigzag twill is classified into horizontal zigzag twill and vertical zigzag twill.

Features of horizontal zigzag twill:
In the repeat, the number of warp yarn is two times of the number of weft yarn.
Point is used for horizontal zigzag.

Features of vertical zigzag twill:
In the repeat, the number of weft yarn is two times of the number of warp yarn.
Straight draft is used for vertical zigzag twill.


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