Characteristics and Usages of Multi Thread Chain Stitch in Sewing Apparels

Multi thread chain stitch which can be classified as class 400 based on British Standard 3871 and ISO 4915:1991, plays a key role in sewing apparels. It is mainly used in inseam and side seam of the apparels. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know about chain stitch, hand stitch, lock stitch, besides multi thread chain stitch.

Characteristics of multi thread chain stitch:
1. Being formed by two thread systems.
2. Needle thread is interconnected with looper thread.
3. Appearance is different in face and back side.

Usages of multi thread chain stitch in sewing apparels:
Multi thread chain stitch is used in different purposes in sewing apparels.
1. Be used in jeans pant inseam and shirts side seam.
2. Be used for front placket sewing.
3. Depending on buyers’ requirements.

Multi thread stitch is carried out by the multi thread stitch machine. Various manufacturers provides different multi thread chain stitch machine which is available in the market.


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