Clothing Industry Should Use Internet Thought Properly

Under the historical background of Internet Plus, Internet Plus is not a new topic for Chinese clothing enterprises any more. Currently, most of people consumption custom and traditional market model of clothing industry have already been broken. For some brands, it is a good chance for corner overtaking. In the future, clothing industry can win the market only through holding opportunities.

Internet is not only a tool and a thought, but also supplies value to the industrial chain of clothing industry, in terms of system and consumption value of customers, processes of industrial chain.

When internet thought is applied in market, it connects with service at last. Clothing enterprises should seriously consider how to offer more various and convenient services so that consumers can pay the bill and they are more willing to be closed to enterprises.

Under the new economic normality and the background of Internet Plus, clothing industry should change from product thought to industry thought, carrying forward craftsman’s spirit, improving quality of products, paying more attention to customers’ experience and optimizing industrial structure. The clothing industry should use internet thought innovate market methods, accelerating updating of enterprises.

The past wooden barrel theory is called as short board effect. The new wooden barrel theory is to find out the longest board and take full advantage of it. Under the environment of fierce competition, if a enterprise wants to make up its short board, velocity, personnel and configuration of resources are still far away to meet requirements. Enterprise should find out it’s the longest board, making full use of it. And that is new wooden barrel theory.

In other words, new wooden barrel theory only focuses on the core plate of enterprise. “Enterprises should find out their own core DNA and making full use of gene.” Expert analyzed. In the future, Chinese clothing industry should be that manufacturers focus on superior quality and dealers focus on good service, changing operation profit to service profit.

Various examples have shown that the future clothing industry must have customers’thought or users’thought.

Consumers are a group of people who living in community. Enterprises using users’ thought will highly improve user experience, making consumers change from passivity to positivity. So user experience is becoming more and more important.

Data show that the 80s is almost closed to 210 million and 90s has already reached 210 million. When adding two groups, the total population is almost closed to 450 million. So, major consumers on future market will concentrate on 80s and 90s. Individuation, fashion and youth will be the main features of consumers for clothing products in the future. Clothing enterprises should enhance user experience of products in terms of customers, constantly cultivating viscosity and fans of brands, making fans into transmitters of enterprises’ public praise.

Nowadays, everyone has a cellphone, which is an important channel for information acquisition and shopping. Cellphone also can be called as mobile store. High efficient retail service tools such as APP help consumers find nearby stores, acquiring favorable information of merchants, supporting online payment and self taking. Meanwhile, the tools also can help merchants acquire information about goods, orders or members, managing customer tags and precisely matching marketing. Among that, enterprises can truly know about demands of customers, providing better services to customers.
Clothing Industry Should Use Internet Thought Properly


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