Different Circular Knitting Machine Parts

Knitting machines are mainly two types; they are circular knitting machine and flat bed knitting machine. This two types are hugely use in knitting machine. A knitting machine is composed of lots of parts. Every parts of a machine are important for run the machine smoothly. Every part has a specific function during operation.
Different circular knitting machine parts and their functions are given below:

Creel: Creel is called the holder of cone. Cone is placed in a creel for feeding the yarn to the feeder.
Feeder: Yarn is feed through the feeder. No of feeder is depends on the design of the fabric.
VDQ Pulley: G.S.M of the knit fabric is controlled by VDQ pulley. VDQ pulley is used for controlling the stitch length of the fabric.
Guide: Guide is called the supporting element. Guide is used to guide the yarn.
Sensor: Sensor is an automatic controlling system. When a yarn pass through this sensor than if any yarn break down or any problem occur than it automatically stop by this sensoring system.
Cylinder: Cylinder is the main parts of a knitting machine. Adjustment of a cylinder is important. Cylinder carries needle, sinker, cam and many more.
Spreader: Spreader is used to spread the knitted fabric before take up roller. Knit fabrics may be tube or open type. Spreader is adjusted as need.
Fixation Feeder: This type of feeder is used in electrical auto striper knitting machine to feed the yarn at specific finger.
Rethom: Rethom is used in electrical auto stripper knitting machine.
Different well known companies are manufacturing such types of knitting machine. Day by day they are trying to add some advance technology two facilities best opportunity. In this sense we can consider auto stripe, which gives more opportunity two produce multi-color long stripe knit fabrics. Different zigzag design also can be produced by an auto stripe machine. It is note that, faulty knitting machine parts create knitting faults. To increase the knitting production we should use latest knitting machine.


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