European Union Launches SET Project

A new energy project has been launched in Europe. This project is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of textile industry. This is the second energy project in apparel industry of Europe.
SET (Saving Energy for Small or Medium Size Textile Enterprises) is a part of energy manufacture and measurement campaign which is suggested by EURATEX. This project will last until 2016 to help more than three hundred textile enterprises, especially those with small or medium sizes, save energy while improving efficiency. Most of these companies focus on the manufacture of fabrics, apparel and knitting machine parts.

This plan will be firstly executed in seven countries, including Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Romania. Textile enterprises in these countries account for 55% of the whole textile companies in Europe.

One of the goals of this project is to develop ESET for small and medium size enterprises. At the same time, it will assist on-site training for 150 enterprises. Besides, it will also help 350 companies evaluate their production process and energy saving investment. The efficiency of their knitting machines are improved to some extent.

SET plan will be put into practice after SESEC project. SESEC project was finished in September and gained support from eight EU countries. SESEC project helped over 50 countries in Europe weighing up their energy efficiency measures. It helped the apparel enterprises got to know and reflected on their energy cost.


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