Factors that Hinder the Upgrade of Textile Machine Industry

Chinese textile industry is at a critical period of transformation and upgrading, in recent years, the newly developed textile equipment is popular in domestic. It’s undeniable that the after the growing period, the textile industry has slightly depressed, so as the textile machinery. In order to reverse the adverse situation, and keep the continuous development, Chinese textile machinery should solve the following three problems.

1. Mechanized imitation
Currently, there is a large disparity between domestic and foreign textile equipment in terms of stability, reliability, and failure rate. It’s reported that, a textile equipment factory just survey an advanced machine about its structure from another factory, and only spends half a year; this factory can crate the new machine and promote it into market. It’s maybe a little exaggerated, but it reflects the real situation. Some domestic factories just imitate and create, rather than research the essential point thoroughly, how can we create the high-quality machine in this way? In the context of globalized division of work, innovation should be an integrated system including equipment, technique and management. We are not only falling behind in advanced technology, but also in talents and management.

2. Exaggerated functions of products
In order to size the market and orders, a number of textile machine companies exaggerated the functions of the devices produced by them. Some manufacturers complain that the newly brought equipment can not achieve the expected results for its poor quality. The heavy repair work and higher machine consumption are invisible loss cause by the exaggeration of products, that’s irresponsible for their customers and themselves.

3.Dismatch between components and host machine
Firstly, the shoddy quality of components, and the processing and assembling can not reach the original requirements. The quality of components is directly determining the quality of machine. However, there is no standard for components, only according to price offered by customers. If the customer offers higher price, then the high-quality components will be used and vice versa. Second is the lagging development of textile device and related technology. There are three lagging aspects. First is the lagging devices; second is the lagging maintenance methods and the final is the lagging related technique. As a matter of fact, sometimes, the performance of machine is excellent but the related technique is lagging. Therefore, to some extent, the textile machine factories should hire professional technician to assist the design of textile machine.


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