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Circular Knitting Machine Including What Agencies?

Circular knitting yarn for mainly by institutions, weaving agencies, pulling up mechanism, transmission, lubrication cleaning mechanism, electrical control mechanism, frame parts and other auxiliary means. 1. Yarn feeding mechanism Yarn yarn feed mechanism, also...

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Press Foot of Circular Knitting Machine

Press foot is an important component on circular knitting machine, which is used for controlling the movement of materials during knitting. Knitting is done by the stitching of needle which is completed with the...

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Properties and Usage of Covering Chain Stitch

As a special type of stitch, covering chain stitch is widely used for sewing cushion cover. According to the British standard 3870 and ISO 4915:1991, covering chain stitch is classified as class 600, which...

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Types of Packing Apparels in Finishing Section

Packing is one of the most important processes of manufacturing apparels. After finishing the entire manufacturing, apparels need to be packed. In finishing section, packing is the last step before storing. Different types of...

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Increasing Production in Knitting Machines

Both circular knitting machine and flat bed knitting machine are used for producing knitted fabrics. Circular knitting machine is classified into single or double jersey knitting machine, which have different cam arrangement settings, responsible...

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