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Two Types of Quality Assurance System

There are two types of quality assurance system: online quality assurance system and off line quality assurance system. Online quality assurance system: Online quality assurance system consists of raw material control and process control....

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Objectives and Requirements of Winding Process

Winding is the last step of spinning process. Yarn packages having been winded are used for making woven fabrics or knitted fabrics. Winding process can be defined as the process transferring spinning yarn from...

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Types of Cotton Yarns Produced by Spinning Mills

Technical textile is produced to meet the specific demands in modern times. As is known to all, technical textile is the product driven by customers. Technical textile should meet the requirements of customers. Synthetic...

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Classification of Woven Fabric Based on Structure

Woven fabric structure has great influence on the woven fabric production. The types of fabric structure by which fabric will be produced. There are various types of woven fabric. Sometimes, customers will give specification...

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Classification of Plain Cloth

The interlacement of warp and weft yarn in the alternative order forms the structure of plain cloth. Although all of the plain clothes have same design, adding some properties to the structure can modify...

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Routine Maintenance of the Circular Knitting Machine

Day Maintenance of Circular Knitting Machine a. morning, noon, night three shifts, must remove attached to the fiber creel and machinery (fly), kept clean and stretch knit unit winding mechanism. b. shift when actively...

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