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How to Dye Cotton Knitting Fabric?

Shade of cotton knitting fabric depends on the dyes percentage used for gyeing. The utilization of chemical used for dyeing should be based on the dyes used. In general, dark shade means that dyes...

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What Is Mechanism of Yarn Dryers?

Drying is an essential step for yarn dyeing. About 60-80% water was dried by dryer. After Hydro, double jersey knitting fabrics enter into drying section. The following are the two types of yarn dryers...

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What Is Acrylic Fiber?

Acrylic fiber is a type of fibers similar to wool, being widely used for clothes, carpet, break pad, dust filter unit and other products. Acrylic fiber has excellent hydroscopicity. The fiber can absorb liquid...

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What Dose Taking Textiles Contains?

In general, taking textiles contains design, fashion and tailoring. Design, fashion and tailoring need stitching awl, bobbin, bodkin and dress form. 1. Stitching Awl: A stitching awl is a simple tool having holes which...

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The Difference between Yarn and Thread

Yarn made from various types of textile fiber is wide used to weaving, rope making, wire making, knitting and embroidery. Yarn is classified into staple yarn and continuous filament. Based on different materials, yarn...

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Types of Yarn Used for Knitting a Scarf

Nowadays, scarf can be knitted by oneself at home which can save cost and have different beautiful patterns. People hesitate about which types of yarn can be used for scarf. Both all wool and...

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