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Shirts Have no Seams

Most of shirts are knitted by using large single circular knitting machine which is similar to sock knitting machine while the size is much larger. Knitting machines with various standard sizes knit the shirts...

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Best Knitting Machine for Beginner

The best knitting machine for beginner is circular knitting machine. Circular knitting machine whose scientific name is circular weft knitting machine have many loops, high revolving speed, high output, various patterns and good quality....

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What Is Automatic Knitting Machine?

What Is Automatic Knitting Machine? Automatic knitting machine is different from conventional knitting machine. It is equipped with motor. Connected with power source, the machine can knit fabric automatically with the operation of motor....

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The Best Knitting Machine for Adult Socks

What kind of knitting machine is best for adult socks? Circular knitting machine is the best knitting machine for adult socks. Large circular knitting machine can be used for knitting adult socks while small...

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Advices for Buying A Circular Sock Knitting Machine

First of all, you have better to test before buy circular sock knitting machine. Rustiness on machine should be focused. Rusty components must be replaced. Secondly, when you need to order the knitting machine...

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Can Needles Damage Cams of Circular Knitting Machine?

Needles are main looping components for circular knitting machine, made of steel wire or steel belt. Needles are used for knitting yarns into loops and stringing loops into textiles. Structure and shape of needles...

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