Knitting Machinery is Becoming Intelligent and Diversified

The increasing diversified demands for knitting fabrics bring huge potential for development of knitting machinery. Currently, the knitting machinery is tending to be intelligent and diversified in its operation and performance.

1. Circular knitting machine: level of automation has been improved; integration of components needs to be enhanced.
Thanks to the development of computer technology, the electronic jacquard knitting technique has been gradually popularized. At present, the electronic jacquard knitting technique has successfully applied in single circular knitting machine and double knitting machine. According to experts, the computerization level on circular knitting machine has been improved greatly, now users can input the production program on the PC, and then the machine can carry production, management and analysis of data automatically. Some machine can not only give feedback about failure analysis during manufacturing, but also can input orders about production and technique via control panel.

The circular knitting machine has achieved great progress, but there are still a long way to go in terms of precision manufacturing and mechatronic level. The gap is mainly reflected on stable speed and automatic control. At the same time, there is still has difference on the integration of imported components and domestic machine. Sometimes, the unreasonable configuration of components has influenced the quality of the machine, such as more noises and vibrations, and components are easily to be abraded and influence the technique. In order to keep peace with the international, domestic circular knitting machine manufacturers should put more effort on the automatic level.

2. Tricot knitting machine: greatly improved manufacturing standard, the products should be more diversified.
Composites, industrial fabrics and other high value-added knitted products has brought huge opportunity to the tricot knitting industry. Currently, the development of domestic tricot knitting machine manufacturing industry has the trend of high stability, efficiency and environmentally friendly. The great progress of domestic tricot knitting machine manufacturing is mainly represents on the improvement of precision and mechatronics level. And also have achieved breakthroughs in designing and manufacturing of crucial components.

In recent year, domestic tricot knitting machine has improved in appearance and electrical control, however, in terms of precise manufacturing and knitting speed, domestic machine still have a long way to struggle.

3. Computerized knitting machine: improving machine efficiency, insufficient elaboration in superior function.
The increasing labor coast and the raising demands for intelligent and automatic level for machine are consistent with the development trend of computerized knitting machine. After several year’s domestic knitting machine has over-numbered the exported ones. In the future, there are three focuses for developing of computerized knitting machine: improving the working efficiency, increasing products variety and enchanting the products quality.


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