NEWCAST 2015 Germany Dusseldorf International Exhibition Casting Casting


Start Time :2015-06-16
End Time :2015-06-20
Country: Germany
Venue: Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre

Exhibition Overview
1, die-casting equipment; smelting equipment; various cold room / hot chamber die casting machine (aluminum, zinc, copper, magnesium alloy die-casting machines); various hydraulic machines, hydraulic machines peripherals and accessories; pressure casting coating; investment casting; Precision cast (special alloy and wax); casting molds; process control and squeeze casting; low pressure casting; gravity die casting; centrifugal casting; continuous casting; shell casting; EPC.
2, sand processing equipment; shakeout equipment; molding core production equipment; throw Shot peening strengthening equipment; metal casting equipment; smelt burning injection equipment; investment casting equipment; transportation equipment; detection equipment; aging treatment equipment; coating equipment; Type core drying equipment; special casting equipment; casting furnaces and accessories; burner and beak; NDT; refractory; casting material; casting resin, casting and other repair materials and equipment ancillary products; control equipment; test equipment (measured Wenyi, etc.).
3, forging equipment; forging equipment; free forging equipment; extrusion, rotary forming, cutting, bending twist molding equipment; mechanical presses; Automatic forging machines; hydraulic machine; automatic molding equipment; ordinary molding equipment; hammer; forging machine; shears; bending machine calibration; coil plate uncoiling leveling device; riveting machine; other forging equipment and accessories; forging industrial furnaces and energy-saving technologies; forging automation and control equipment.
4, casting, forging products: various uses quality castings (cars, motorcycles casting, casting valves, gray castings, ductile castings, malleable fittings, steel castings, alloy castings, precision castings, die casting, roll, cast iron tube, ingot mold, art castings, wear-resistant castings, non-ferrous and special casting), gray iron, ductile iron, etc..

Dusseldorf International Foundry Exhibition organized by the German exhibition company Messe Dusseldorlf, held every four years, is currently the world’s largest international casting show. 2011 The exhibition area of 78,558 square meters, a total of 1,958 exhibitors participated in the same period, also held a heat treatment, metallurgy exhibition, a total of more than 79,000 professional visitors from the world’s 83 countries and regions visited the exhibition, which 66% of visitors and 98% of the exhibitors are casting, raw materials, casting equipment and related products business producers, developers and users and sourcing company decision makers. 2015 The exhibition will showcase the world’s most advanced casting equipment, instrumentation and national excellent quality castings and casting materials, China is casting, casting products related companies understand the international market changes, to demonstrate our castings and related products, to develop international market, an excellent opportunity to promote our casting and casting materials exports.
China’s foundry industry, the business community to promote economic and trade cooperation and technical exchanges with Europe and other countries and regions of the world, to further develop and consolidate the international market, the company will organize domestic enterprises to participate in 2015 in Germany June 16 to 20, held “Duesseldorf casting, casting exhibition.” Please seize the opportunity to go to the relevant enterprises exhibitors, displaying promote the company’s products, grasp industry trends, an overview of future technologies, strengthen international exchanges between industries.


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