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Production Processes of Knitted Clothing 0

Production Processes of Knitted Clothing

Most of knitted clothing is made of cotton and chemical fiber cotton yarn, having softness, elasticity, breathability, sweat-absorption and comfort, such as sportswear and underwear. As clothing, knitted clothing has other features, besides the...

The 13th Five Year Plan for Knitting Industry 0

The 13th Five Year Plan for Knitting Industry

The 13th Five Year Plan is the critical period for knitting industry upgrading. During the period, knitting industry will continue maintaining steady growth. Depend on innovation to realize the further optimization of product structure,...

Knitting-Machinery-is-Becoming-Intelligent-and-Diversified 0

Knitting Machinery is Becoming Intelligent and Diversified

The increasing diversified demands for knitting fabrics bring huge potential for development of knitting machinery. Currently, the knitting machinery is tending to be intelligent and diversified in its operation and performance. 1. Circular knitting...

major-quality-requirements-for-knitting-yarns 0

Major Quality Requirements for Knitting Yarns

Knitting yarns will subject to complex mechanical effects, such as bending, twisting and friction. In order to ensure the quality of knitted products, the knitting yarns should meet these requirements. 1. Strength and elongation...

Common-Problems-When-Printing-Knitted-Fabrics 0

Common Problems When Printing Knitted Fabrics

This article introduces several common problems when printing knitted fabrics and also offers some solutions. Problem 1: How to do with cloth feather? It’s really a headache that the cloth feather will block the...

six-common-types-of-knitted-fabrics 0

Six Common Types of Knitted Fabrics

Knitted fabrics have excellent softness, permeability, flexibility and extensibility and comfortable to wear. In modern society, with the developing technique, the newly types of knitted fabrics have been developed, which bring the fabrics much...

features-of-jacquard-fabrics 0

Features of Jacquard Fabrics

Jacquard Fabrics have some unique features so that they are popular in the market. 1. The patterns on jacquard fabrics are neither printed nor embroidered, they were woven by yarn. Structural changes of yarns...

How-Knitted-Fabrics-Influence-the-Clothing-Design 0

How Knitted Fabrics Influence the Clothing Design

The features of knitted fabrics play a significant role in style and processing of clothing design. In order to have a correct and reasonable design, stylist should know features of the knitted fabrics. 1.Stretchability...

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