Objectives and Requirements of Winding Process

Winding is the last step of spinning process. Yarn packages having been winded are used for making woven fabrics or knitted fabrics. Winding process can be defined as the process transferring spinning yarn from one package to another large package (cone, spool, pirn, etc.). Winding can also be defined as transferring yarn from ring bobbin, hanks into a convenient form of package containing considerable long length of yarn. The process that accumulates yarn on a package to facilitate the next process is called as winding.
Objectives of winding process: The followings are the objectives of winding process.
1.Transferring yarn from spinning bobbin package to a convenient yarn package.
2.Improving the quality of yarn.
3.Getting suitable yarn package.
4.Getting high quality fabric.
5.Getting good warp yarn.
6.Emptying the bobbin of spinner so that it can be reused.
7.Removing dust and cleaning the yarn.
8.Reducing labor cost.
9.Storing the yarn.
10.Improving the efficiency of yarn for net process.

Requirements of winding: Winding process is used to accelerate the next process of manufacturing fabrics. Winding process should meet the following requirements.
1.Simplifying the winding process.
2.Do not change the characteristics of yarn.
3.Minimize defects of winding.
4.The size and shape of yarn package should be suitable.
5.Winding process should be economical.
6.Yarn packages should have less cost.
7.Avoid excess looseness or tightness.
8.Exact package harness
9.The size of yarn knots should be small and amount of knots should be few.


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