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Needle Lubrication and Oil Needle Prevention

Needle oil should mix fully with compressed air to form oil spray before entering into cam track. The oil spray spreads out quickly after entering into cam track, forming a level of even oil...

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Can Knitting Shirts be Made out By 3D Printing?

People have learned about the message that makes knitting shirts by using 3D printing. In theory, using 3D printing can make wearable and comfortable clothes. So for, comfort clothes made out by 3D printing...

Methods used to Detect Defective Needles 0

Methods used to Detect Defective Needles

Defective needles are always perplexing every knitting corporations. Traditionally, defective needles can be only found by knitters through individual levels and attitudes. Currently, some dedicated devices have already appeared on market which can detect...

Features of Lubricating Oils Used for Circular Knitting Machine 0

Features of Lubricating Oils Used for Circular Knitting Machine

It is found that viscosity, oxidation resistance, compatibility with digitalized needle selecting machine, compatibility with fiber under different temperature and other features of lubricating oils have great impacts on choosing lubricating oils for circular...

Newly Developed Knitted Fabrics Introduction 0

Newly Developed Knitted Fabrics Introduction

Knitted fabrics have softness, moisture absorption and ventilation, good elasticity, extensibility and productibility. Knitted fabrics are comfortable to wear, having no strength sense and reflecting human curvature sufficiently. Modern knitted fabrics are rich and...

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Obstacles Facing Domestic Textile Machines

Along with the increasing recognition degree in Asian textile market, Chinese textile machines have entered into a rapid develop period. It is known that, export shares of many Chinese textile machines company have accounted... | 502: Bad gateway

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