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How to Choose Cam for Circular Knitting Machine? 0

How to Choose Cam for Circular Knitting Machine?

Can is one of core components in circular knitting machine, which is mainly used for controlling movement and forms of motion of needles and sinkers. Cam is generally classified into looping cam, tucking cam,...

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Composite Fabrics See Popularity in China

In recent period, Chinese traditional textile market has uprising orders. In this winter, many composite cloth are put into market. With increasing inquires and emerging marketing highlights, the prices are relatively stiffened. What is...

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Operation Details of Reactive Dyeing

1. Why is it required to mix materials with a small amount of water when melting and the temperature cannot be too high? 1) Firstly using some water to mix is purposed to entirely...

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Circular Knitting Machine Including What Agencies?

Circular knitting yarn for mainly by institutions, weaving agencies, pulling up mechanism, transmission, lubrication cleaning mechanism, electrical control mechanism, frame parts and other auxiliary means. 1. Yarn feeding mechanism Yarn yarn feed mechanism, also...

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