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Types of fabric bags
There are two kinds of Nylon and Poly fabric used on luggage raw materials, occasionally mixed with the use of two materials together. Both materials are refined from petroleum out, Nylon little better quality than Poly. Speaking from the fabric, Nylon feel softer number. For example: N.1000D CORDURA, that is a 1000D nylon CORDURA, is material, the degree of fiber, textile methods.

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PC Jacquard Fabric Purplish Blue

Model No.: KNJMPCPB 01 Short Description: China PC Jacquard Fabric Manufacturer Zhenlihua supplies JC32S Purplish Blue PC Jacquard Fabrics for Bag,Bedding,Blanket,Home Textile,Shoes,Toy usages. PC Jacquard Fabric Purplish Blue Key Specifications / Features Cotton Single...