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Curtains are manufactured from a variety of thick fabrics, each with a differing degree of light absorption and heat insulating qualities.
Coated fabrics consist of a standard uncoated fabric with an opaque rubber backing applied to the rear of the fabric to provide improved light absorption. To create a coated fabric, a liquefied rubber polymer is applied in a single coat to an uncoated fabric and subsequently fused dry by means of a heated roller, in much the same way that a laser printer applies toner to a sheet of paper before fusing it dry.

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Polyester Mini Jacquard Knitting Fabrics White

Model No.: KFDJPJW01 Short Description: China Polyester Mini Jacquard manufacturer Zhenlihua supplies Polyester Mini Jacquard Knitting Fabrics, White, for Sheet,Table Cloth, Curtain usages. Polyester Mini Jacquard Knitting Fabrics White Key Specifications / Features PC...