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Home textiles, also known as decorative textiles. It is from the people living environment for decorative landscaping practicality textiles.
Mainly used in homes and public places. Such as: many occasions guesthouses, hotels, theaters, dance halls, aircraft, trains, cars, ships, shopping malls, companies, institutions, etc., for landscaping, improve the environment, improve people’s lives, and comfortable work played a significant role.

10-pc-jacquard-fabric-purplish-blue-jc-32s-68-240g 0

PC Jacquard Fabric Purplish Blue

Model No.: KNJMPCPB 01 Short Description: China PC Jacquard Fabric Manufacturer Zhenlihua supplies JC32S Purplish Blue PC Jacquard Fabrics for Bag,Bedding,Blanket,Home Textile,Shoes,Toy usages. PC Jacquard Fabric Purplish Blue Key Specifications / Features Cotton Single...

9-cotton-lycra-rib-fabric-white-Rib-26sz-op7-od-35-600g 0

Cotton Lycra 3×3 Rib Fabric White

Model No.: KFDJCW01 Short Description: China Rib Fabric Manufacturer Zhenlihua supplies top quality Cotton Lycra 3×3 Rib Fabric White for Bedding, Garment, Home Textile, Shirt, Sportswear, Tent. Cotton Lycra 3×3 Rib Fabric White Key...