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Jacquard is a raised design or pattern woven into a fabric as opposed to being printed on the fabric, such as damasks, florals and geometrics. Jacquard weaves have a varying drape ability and durability depending on which fibers are used. You will find many styles and colors of Jacquard fabric in this section. Create draperies, duvets and slip covers.

10-pc-jacquard-fabric-purplish-blue-jc-32s-68-240g 0

PC Jacquard Fabric Purplish Blue

Model No.: KNJMPCPB 01 Short Description: China PC Jacquard Fabric Manufacturer Zhenlihua supplies JC32S Purplish Blue PC Jacquard Fabrics for Bag,Bedding,Blanket,Home Textile,Shoes,Toy usages. PC Jacquard Fabric Purplish Blue Key Specifications / Features Cotton Single...

4-polyester-mini-jacquard-knitting-fabrics-white-75d-72f-105-inch-140g 0

Polyester Mini Jacquard Knitting Fabrics White

Model No.: KFDJPJW01 Short Description: China Polyester Mini Jacquard manufacturer Zhenlihua supplies Polyester Mini Jacquard Knitting Fabrics, White, for Sheet,Table Cloth, Curtain usages. Polyester Mini Jacquard Knitting Fabrics White Key Specifications / Features PC...