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Plush toys Fabric and common purposes:
Hairy fabric: wool height 18mm above the fabric. Generally jacquard material, roller beam bar, embossing, pressing random hair, dyed Tippy etc. type. This fabric is generally used for the production of long-haired wild animals, such as lions, bears, tigers, etc., as the main ingredient.
Shorthair fabrics: wool fabrics ranging from 8mm to 18mm high between. Generally printed material, clip color, jacquard, convex version, the pressure chaotic hair, small roller beam, wire, etc. type doped bud shot. This fabric is generally used to make short-haired animal shapes or various abstract exaggerated form, feel better, develop strong extension.

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PC Jacquard Fabric Purplish Blue

Model No.: KNJMPCPB 01 Short Description: China PC Jacquard Fabric Manufacturer Zhenlihua supplies JC32S Purplish Blue PC Jacquard Fabrics for Bag,Bedding,Blanket,Home Textile,Shoes,Toy usages. PC Jacquard Fabric Purplish Blue Key Specifications / Features Cotton Single...