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White Knitted fabrics with soft, moisture permeability, excellent flexibility and extensibility and producibility. Knitted apparel comfortable, personal and body, no arrests tight feeling, fully embodies the body curve. More colorful modern knitted fabrics, has entered the stage of development of multi-functional and gentrification, a variety of texture effects, new knitted fabrics of different functions developed, to knitwear unprecedented sensory effects and visual effects.

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Cotton Lycra 3×3 Rib Fabric White

Model No.: KFDJCW01 Short Description: China Rib Fabric Manufacturer Zhenlihua supplies top quality Cotton Lycra 3×3 Rib Fabric White for Bedding, Garment, Home Textile, Shirt, Sportswear, Tent. Cotton Lycra 3×3 Rib Fabric White Key...