TEXPO Eurasia 2015 Turkey, Europe and Asia Textile Industry Exhibition and 12th International Yarn Exhibition


Start Time :2015 -02-05
End Time :2015-02-08
Country: Turkey
Venue: Istanbul TUYAP Exhibition Centre

Exhibition Overview
Turkey straddles Asia and Europe, the unique geographical location, contact the Balkans, the Caucasus, CIS and Middle East countries closely, making it one of the world’s most prosperous trading center of. Middle East and Central Asian countries to the Turkish businessmen visa is very easy, but also for businessmen in the Middle East and Eastern European countries, the low cost of doing business in Turkey.

Turkish textile huge contribution to the country’s economy. Industrial exports reached $ 15 billion, imports amounted to $ 6,000,000,000. Among the imported products such as textile fibers, yarns, fabrics, etc. accounted for a large share. 2005 textile exports nearly $ 4.8 billion.

Turkey is the world’s tenth largest textile supplier. EU countries is a traditional Turkish textile and apparel market. Turkey is the world’s sixth largest cotton producer, output reached 900,000 tons.

Transportation from Turkey to the major European countries only takes 6-11 days. Turkish textile attention to total quality management. Most textile company passed ISO9001 or ISO9002 certification. Since 1995, azo compounds to cancer may be banned.

Turkey has a customs union with the EU. Turkey, market-oriented, attention to the establishment of free trade zones and industrial free zones. Now has 19 free zones in operation.

Fibers and yarns: cotton, silk, wool, linen, spandex, silk, cotton, polyester, acetate, nylon, polyester and viscose ……
All kinds of garment accessories: lace, ribbon, woven, buttons, etc.
Textile machinery and spare parts: spinning machinery, weaving machinery, knitting machines, circular knitting machine, hosiery machines, embroidery machines, warping machines, winders, bleaching machines, printing machines, finishing machines and spare parts ……
Textile Chemicals: dye, pigment, textile chemicals ……

Participation Fee
Turkey yarn show a yarn is very professional show, the show is currently abroad rare show relatively good yarn. South Korea, India and Turkey is my yarn export market 2, 4 and 6 large 1-April exports of 250 million, 150 million and $ 100 million, an increase of 82.49%, 50.45% and 149.03%. According to Chinese customs statistics, from January to April 2010, the country imports and exports amounted to $ 4.679 billion yarn, an increase of 42.95%. Of which exports amounted to $ 2.925 billion, an increase of 43.65%; export volume was 997,700 tons, an increase of 35.25%; average export price $ 2.93 / kg, an increase of 6.21%. Imports amounted to $ 1.753 billion, an increase of 41.79%. The 1960s and 1970s, Turkey relies on cheap raw materials and labor to become one of Europe’s leading garment manufacturing exporter. From the early 1980s, in 1999 less than 20 years of the last century, the figure and the textile and garment industry exports grew from $ 160 million to $ 10 billion.

According to the Turkish textile and apparel exporters Union predicts the next Turkish textile and apparel exports grew by 8% at least, to reach $ 19 billion. Turkey to Italy, Spain and the UK exports of clothing also achieved significant growth. Bangladesh and Pakistan exported 170 million and $ 090 million, an increase of 43.29% and 30.48% for South Korea, India and Turkey, rapid export growth, Turkey’s textile industry has adapted to the European countries on product quality, environmental and safety requirements for type of goods more and more high quality, manufacturers are determined to build Turkey’s textile and clothing become synonymous with high quality of its products because it is “Made in Turkey” and expensive.

Turkey is a European country imports of textiles and apparel supply the second largest country in Europe outside of the United States, Turkey, following the development of another big market. Turkey’s textile and clothing market in the United States each accounted for 2.9% and 1.9% share. In addition to the United States and Europe, Turkey’s textile and apparel production is also popular throughout the Arab world and Eastern European countries residents. Previously, Turkey is a net exporter of cotton, but from 1992 onwards, the situation was reversed, and it became a cotton importer, because the Turkish domestic demand for cotton growing, has run for several years before inventory. In addition to cotton, Turkey also needs a lot of wool, rayon and other products.


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