Washing & Maintenance Tips for Circular Knitted Fabrics

In daily life, the service time of circular knitting fabrics will be heavily decreased if the proper methods of washing and maintaining are not been taken. When washing the knitted fabrics, the following tips should be noticed:

1.Proper water
Water has two categories: soft water and hard water. The hard water contains calcareous salts, which is easily to be synthesized with detergent to form the water-insoluble precipitate and left to the fabrics. This will not only waste the detergent, but also make fabrics to be sticky and brittle, so it’s better to use soft water for washing knitted fabrics. The simplest way to change hard water into soft water is to boil the hard water, and cooling it before use. Also can add a little salt and stir the water, waiting for the precipitation of calcium and magnesium, then remove the sediment, so the water has been softened.

2. Temperature of water
The temperature of water is related to the cleaning ability. The higher temperature, the higher solubility of detergent, the better cleaning effects. However, some knitted fabrics can not be washed by water with high temperature, the proper temperature should be 30℃ to 40 ℃, or the knitted fabrics will be shrink and even become brittle and lose the original color.

3. The appropriate amount of detergent
If the amount is too little, then there may no cleaning effect, on the other hand, if the amount is too much, will also decrease the cleaning effect. If there are no special introductions, the best of detergent is from 0.2% to 0.5%. When washing the knitted fabrics, we should make up the detergent with proper density, and then soak the fabrics for 15 minutes or so; if the fabric is dirty, we can prolong the soaking time for a little while. Remember not to soak the fabrics for a too long time, or the fabric will be hurt by the hydrolysis reaction and decrease its service life.

4. Drying of fabrics
Generally speaking, the fabrics can not be exposure to strong sunlight for a long time. After washing the fabrics, the drying process should be carried out, the drying temperature varies according to textures, but commonly between 40℃ to 500℃. Then remove the fabrics to a ventilated place, let fabrics dry in the air. The woolen fabrics should be dried on the plate, and the knitted fabrics should be pulled to original when it still a little wet.


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