Maintenance of Circular Knitting Machine

Modern knitting machine is more precise and fast than before but also has higher requirements for its maintenance. Therefore, the maintenance should be done during the daily manufacturing. Only if the machine is well maintained can greater economic benefits be created.

1. Daily Maintenance
(1) Clean the floc and tufts on machine surface, keep clean of its braid and winding device.
(2) Check the automatic stop and security device, and if there is anything abnormal, replace it immediately.
(3) Check the yarn feeding device, and if there is anything abnormal, repair or replace it immediately.
(4) Check the position of chain wheel, mirror the oil sprayer.

2. Weekly Maintenance
(1) Clean the aluminum plate, remove the accumulated cotton on it, and check the tension of conveying belt.
(2) Check the belt tension of transmission system and whether the knitting machine can transmit smoothly.
(3) Check the condition of its rolling device.

3. Monthly maintenance
(1) Take apart of triangular bases and clear off the accumulated cotton.
(2) Check the dust-cleaning fans and the wind direction produced by fans.
(3) Clean the accumulated cotton in all affiliated electrical appliance.
(4) Review the performance of all affiliated electrical appliance, including automatic stop systems, security alarm systems and detection systems.

4. Half a year’s maintenance
(1) Wash the machine; clean the plate, needles and sinkers thoroughly. Select all the needles and sinkers, replace it immediately if damaged.
(2) Clean the oil sprayer and make sure the oil pipe can work smoothly.
(3) Clean and inspect the active reservoir-type yarn.
(4) Clean the accumulated cotton and grease smudge in the electrical motor and transmission system.
(5) Check the wasted oil collection passage.

5. Maintenance when knitting machine is stopped using
Maintain the machine according to the maintenance procedures in half a year. Lubricate the major knitting pieces, needles and sinkers. Finally, cover the machine using the linoleum which is soaked in the oil, and put the machine in a dry and clean place.


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