The 13th Five Year Plan for Knitting Industry

The 13th Five Year Plan is the critical period for knitting industry upgrading. During the period, knitting industry will continue maintaining steady growth. Depend on innovation to realize the further optimization of product structure, breakthrough on brand construction, energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection reaching a higher level, cultivating a group of technical talents, design talents and management personnel, developing a group of enterprises or modern industrial cluster having international competitiveness.

The 13th Five Year Plan for knitting industry points out: by 2020, labor productivity will have higher growth; export will grow steadily; the total export will be maintained at 100 billion dollars; overseas investment strategy will be further carried out and foreign investment will grow significantly; domestic industrial distribution will be more rational and develop into high-end.

Product structure will be optimized further
During the period of the 13th Five Year Plan, promote the application of knitting to develop evenly in clothing, decoration and industry; propel the adjustment of knitting products structure and improve proportion of knitting products in decoration and industry; by 2020, further increase proportion of the knitting products for decoration and industry in the total industrial output value of the whole industry. In terms of clothing, the products should fully adapt to the demands on market; further consolidate the market competitiveness of conventional knitted appearance, underwear, sweater, sports shirt and socks. In terms of decoration, facilitate the expansion of woven fabrics in conventional home application or decoration. For industry, promote the expansion of knitting products in soil engineering, construction, protection and sports.

Breakthrough on brand construction
Facilitate enterprises and industrial clusters above designated size to further carry out brand strategy and brand project, cultivating strong brand. By 2020, the investments on research and development of brand enterprises will be further improved. Innovation and application of new materials, technologies or techniques will be further improved so that additional value and international competiveness of knitted products can be improved obviously. Cultivate a group of brands of fabrics suppliers having international visibility, blending in fabrics supply chain of international top brands clothing enterprises. Knitted clothing will further expand the influences of brand of knitted wears on international market, forming strong brands which have stronger independent innovation ability, higher influences and competitiveness. Solidify occupancy of bra brand enterprises on domestic market and help them enter into international market. Cultivate a group of strong brands having stronger competiveness in knitted outerwear, children’s clothing, socks, underwear and other subdivisions on domestic market, improving affinity of famous brands on domestic market.

Further consummate the construction of talents.
Insist cultivation mechanism of humanist and innovative talents and consummate employment system of enterprises, structuring the industrial developing soft environment of decent work and safety production. Improve the growth of technical level and knowledge popularization of career planning of employees, forming a group of excellent design talents, management personnel and technical talents which can meet the requirements of modern enterprises, realizing the replacement of industrial talents. Stabilize industrial talents, maintain constant development of industry.

Energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection reaching a higher level
Further popularize the idea of green development. New technologies for energy and water conservation make a breakthrough, expanded and applied in industry. The level of green manufacturing is highly improved. Comprehensive utilization of resources and control technology of pollutants make a significant progress. The application of related new technologies is popularized sharply. By 2020, objective of energy conservation and emission reduction such energy consumption and water consumption of added value per industrial unit, emission of major pollutants and emission of industrial carbon dioxide will meet national obligatory targets and relative standards.
The 13th Five Year Plan for Knitting Industry


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