Two Types of Quality Assurance System

There are two types of quality assurance system: online quality assurance system and off line quality assurance system.

Online quality assurance system: Online quality assurance system consists of raw material control and process control.

Raw materials control: The quality of raw materials has great impact on product. So the quality of raw materials with an economical consideration should be concerned.

1.Faults are now allowed to occur on the fabrics with proper absorbency, whiteness as per requirement of the subsequent process. The conditions of the raw fabrics are included on the Grege inspection report.

Penalty point legends Code
Hole H
Oil stain OS
Chemical stain CS
Water spot WS
Fly yarn FY
Rub mark R
Dye stain DS
Dirt stain D
Rust stain RS
Yarn contamination YC
Inspect spot IS
Grease stain GS
Missing yarn MY
Drop stitch DS
Needle line NL
Uneven tension UT
Stripe S
Thick & thin place TT
Slubs SL
Sinker mark SM
Birds eye BE
Wrong direction WD
Pin holes PH
Barre mark BM

2.The chemical should have concentration with a higher degree of purity.
3.The entire machine should have high precision.

Process control: The specific gravity, water level, residual hydrogen per oxide at each stage should be checked.

Offline quality control is a system which reduces the faults or stop the process and takes necessary steps to recover it during manufacturing.


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