Six Common Types of Knitted Fabrics

Knitted fabrics have excellent softness, permeability, flexibility and extensibility and comfortable to wear. In modern society, with the developing technique, the newly types of knitted fabrics have been developed, which bring the fabrics much better sensory effects and visual effects.

1.Cellulose acetate (Acetel) knitted fabrics
Acetate has some unique properties as silk, the fiber has bright colors and luster, good touching. The acetel knitted fabrics are cozy to wear, and have many advantages, such as light weight, not easy to be damp and antistatic. Georgette and other fabrics woven by acetel knitted fabrics are popular among customers.

2. Modal fiber knitted fabrics
Modal fiber is a new type of environmentally friendly fiber; it combined comfortablity, strength and smoothness into one. Even after washing for many times, the Modal still keep the softness and luster. The knitted fabrics woven by Modal fiber in the circular machine, is soft, smooth and flexible. The clothing manufactured by Modal can perfectly reflect the figure and therefore has become one of the most fashionable fabrics among young people.

3. Combed yarn knitted fabrics
Combed yarn knitted fabrics has excellent texture and moisture absorption ability which is an ideal knitted fabric with high quality. Besides for the intrinsic good properties, it also has the stability and crease-resistant, thus it’s a good choice for making business wear and casual wear.

4. Coolmax fiber knitted fabrics
Coolmax fiber has four grooves which can transpire and evaporate sweat timely, keep the skin in a dry and comfortable state. It has wonderful dehumidifying ability and suitable for manufacturing T-shirts and sportswear etc.

5. Lyocel – Renewable green fiber knitted fabric
Lyocel is a kind of green fiber which is woven by silk, jersey and double cotton. The fiber has excellent flexibility, permeability and water stability also elegant appearance. It is wonderful to make close-fitting costume, sport suit and casual wear.

6. Flashing knitted fabrics
This kind of fabrics is always the favorite of fashion designers for its flashing property. In the knitting machine, use the gold and silver thread and other kinds of textile to interweave, and then the fabric will have flashing patterns. This kind of knitted fabric is also comfortable to wear and especially suitable for making evening dress which will fully show the dazzling and romantic characteristics of the fabrics. Also this newly type fabrics have provided a broad prospect for product development.


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