Features of Jacquard Fabrics

Jacquard Fabrics have some unique features so that they are popular in the market.

1. The patterns on jacquard fabrics are neither printed nor embroidered, they were woven by yarn. Structural changes of yarns make different patterns and traceries during weaving and the jacquard fabrics have a high thread density. The fabrics are thin and soft, haves strict requirements for cotton, and need finer yarns, usually about 40s.

2. The jacquard fabric is a kind of complicated fabric which apply double or more layers of tissues to weave. The patterns are beautiful and the colors are structured stereoscopic.

3. Jacquard fabrics woven by electronic faucet jet, unlike the monochrome printing for satin jacquard. Large jacquard fabrics have more patterns than small ones, which can be woven with flowers, birds, fish, insects, animals, and other beautiful patterns.

4. The jacquard made by two colors dye has more beautiful patterns and vivid color. The fabric has wonderful texture and resistance, with excellent moisture absorption and permeability. The patterns are stereovision and more suitable for home use for its comfortability and durability and not easy to fade.

5. Moisture absorption. The jacquard fabric has excellent moisture absorption. In general, the cotton can absorb the moisture from the atmosphere, and the moisture content is about 8 to 10%, so it is soft. If the humidity of jacquard fabric is increasing, and the temperature is high, the water in fiber will be evaporated, so that can keep water balance for fabrics, thus makes people feel comfortable.

6. Moisturizing ability. With low thermal conductivity, the jacquard fabric is almost a insulator for heat and electricity, The fabric is porous and flexible, and can accumulate a lot of air, therefore the jacquard fabrics has excellent moisturizing ability, and comfortable to wear.

7. Heat resistance. The jacquard fabric has wonderful heat resistance, even in 110 ℃ the fabrics still can keep the integrity. No matter in normal temperature or washing and dying, there is no impact on fabrics, therefore improve the wearability of jacquard fabrics.

8.Alkali resistance. Even in the alkali solution, the fibers are not destroyed, the performance makes the jacquard fabrics simpler to wash, disinfect, and dye, which contribute to manufacture more newly-style clothes.

9. Hygiene. The major ingredient of jacquard fabrics is the cellulose, which is a natural fiber. It has been tested that is no negative effects when the jacquard fabrics contact with our skin for a long time.

In general, jacquard fabrics are soft and suitable for skin use. The colors of jacquard fabrics are bright. The jacquard cloth with high quality has excellent permeability and the colors are not easy to fade. Due to these features, the jacquard fabrics have taken a large part of market.


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