Types of Knitted Fabrics

Knitted fabrics mainly have two categories: weft knitted fabrics and tricot knitted fabrics.

Generally, weft knitted fabrics are used to weave sweaters and socks, tricot fabrics are used to make underwear, the manual fabrics also belong to the weft knitted fabrics. If the knitting machine applied method of weft knitting, then the yarns are doing laterally reciprocating or circular motion from one side to the other side of the machine, and yarns coordinate with needles to form new knitting. The yarn movement of weft knitting is horizontal; the weft fabric is formed by knitting needles from rows of upper and lower links in the course direction with each other. All coils are woven from a course of yarns. Weft knitted fabric can be manufactured in circular knitting machines.

If the machine is applied tricot knitting method, then the yarns are doing longitudinal movement, and work with needles to form new fabrics. The yarns of tricot fabrics are woven longitudinally. The longitudinal axis of the machine supplies the yarns, and the yarns are arranged parallelly. The yarns form a vertical circle and move to anther vertical file. Movements of yarns have certain direction, every horizontal loop formed through different yarns.

Weft knitted fabrics take major parts in knitted fabrics. Weft knitted fabrics mainly has two types: basic weft fabrics and special fabrics. Tricot knitted fabrics also has two kinds: velvet and velveteen.


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