General Concept about Dyeing Circular Knitted Fabrics

Dyeing, printing and finishing are contained by wet processing methods. Circular knitted fabrics with grey are not desired to anyone who likes to use an attractive and comfortable product. For that, circular knitted fabrics are treated to make suitable. Wet processing method is used to treat circular knitted fabrics. Dyeing also called as coloration process is the first step of wet processing.
Dyeing is a process which distributes the dye or pigment at least two systems, dye/pigment bath or solution and the textile materials. Dyeing is carried out in a dye bath which containing a solution of dyes, chemicals and other auxiliaries. Dyes or pigments are the main coloring materials. Various dyes or pigments are used for dyeing circular knitted fabrics.

Fiber, yarn and fabric can be dyed. Those materials can be natural and artificial. Chemical and dyeing process are different, because of different types of textile materials. Dyes are fixed with textile materials. Dyeing process decides performance of textile materials.

Textile materials: Textile materials are the basis of dyeing process. Before dyeing, the types of raw materials should be known at first. In general, dyeing is done one fiber, yarn and fabric. Dyeing process depends on the types of raw materials.

Dyes/pigments: Dyes/pigments are the main materials used for dyeing raw textile materials. Different types of textile materials need different types of dyes. The properties of dyes depend on the chemical structures. So the properties of dyes should be known before using.

Chemicals and auxiliaries: Chemicals and auxiliaries are used for helping dyes to make a better solution.

Machineries for pre-treatment: Textile materials need pre-treatment before dyeing. The good pre-treatment is, the better dyeing performance is. Raw materials have different types of gummy materials. For that machineries should be suitable for pre-treatment of raw materials.

Dyeing machineries: Dyeing machineries are available for different types of textile materials.

Utilities: Utilities contains water, gas, electricity or others. Water plays a vital role in dyeing process so a large amount of water is utilized. The pH of water has great influence on dyeing process which needs attention. Gas and electricity is used to ensure operation of dyeing.

Textile materials having be dyed should be sent to after-treatment for neutralization and washing. During after treatment, different parameters are maintained.

Dyed textile materials are attractive and comfortable.


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