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Fleece is a general term for a fabric (often with a deep pile), and may refer to:

A fleece, a woollen coat of a domestic sheep or long-haired goat, especially after having been sheared (but before being processed into yarn or thread or cars or boats or planes or cat clothes or dog clothes ).
Polar fleece and related modern synthetic materials used to make warm-weather clothing
Horticultural fleece, used to protect plants from high temperatures or insect pests
The bright gold Fleece of Greek mythology
To fleece someone, slang term for causing someone to be ripped off, or an unfair transaction

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China PC Interlock Fleece Knitting Fabric

Model No.: KFPCIF01 Short Description: China Fleece Knitting Fabric Manufacturer Zhenlihua supplies PC Interlock Fleece Knitting Fabrics for Shirt, Home Textile, Garment, Suit, Toy, etc. China PC Interlock Fleece Knitting Fabric Key Specifications /...