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Hat fabrics are khaki, polyester card, grinding cap khaki (polyester card), washing cloth, mesh cloth, wool, leather and other series,

To produce cotton series, chemical fiber series, polyester fabrics and hats series related materials. There are several major series: 1 cap network series, production monofilament cap double wire mesh, weight about 100 grams, width 1.38 m and 1.5 m 2 two kinds of mesh fabric series, a variety of specifications, a variety of materials 3 sandwiches series, cap core series, tape series, cap plate series, bundles of reflective material processing 4 series, chemical fiber, cotton Pu light, bright reflective fabric, reflective film and reflective obvious anti-lattice and other specifications 5 rain silk series, Taslon, pongee, peach, etc., and special fabrics such as nylon taffeta.