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Jersey is the production of underwear plain knitted fabric, cloth clean, clear lines, fine texture, smooth feel, vertical and horizontal with good extension, extending longitudinally and laterally than the large, moisture permeability compared with well, for the production of various styles of shirts and vests.
A thin knit. Because of its hygroscopic, commonly used for personal wearing apparel. Generally with a fine or medium cotton or blended yarn, warp or weft on with a flat knitting machine needle, tuck, rib, jacquard and other organizations to form a single Jersey or double Jersey fabric knitting, and then dyeing, printing, finishing, and then tailor a variety of styles of shirts and vests.

2-pc-lycra-single-jersey-knitting-fabrics-purple-span jc32s-op-30d-72-180g 0

PC Lycra Single Jersey Knitting Fabrics Purple

Model No.: KFSJPCP01 Short Description: Knitting fabric manufacturer Zhenlihua supplies purple color JC32S+OP 30D PC Lycra Single Jersey Knitting fabrics for T-Shit,Underwear,Garment,Sportswear. PC Lycra Single Jersey Knitting Fabrics Purple Key Specifications / Features Product:...

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